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Joe Gribben has been involved in dog training for over twenty years.  Joe attended the West Virginia Canine College where he studied  various techniques for training dogs in obedience, personal protection and narcotics detection.  Joe has furthered his dog training career by studying under and working with the top trainers in the country and abroad.  He is a former law enforcement and canine officer, working in Virginia for over eight years before returning home to West Virginia.

Joe has accomplished all aspects of training, by building a positive working relationship with his dogs.  He has worked with a number of breeds, both large and small, in puppy development, obedience training, personal protection, narcotics and explosive detection and is an accomplished trainer, handler and decoy in the sport of Schutzhund.

Joe is the owner and operations manager of Creekside Kennels, a boarding and training center located in the Winfield Community, just minutes from Fairmont, West Virginia.  In addition to pet boarding,  he is currently offering private and group training lessons in puppy development, obedience and behavior modification.